Sound installation


Fort Process is an expansive multidisciplinary music and arts festival that takes place in Newhaven Fort—the 19th Century former-military fortification in East Sussex, UK.
ZANG TUMB ZANG was presented as an audio work and subterranean tunnel installation. Cieciura, Madden and De Sousa collaborated to create a redacted version of the 1914 Marinetti narrative poem, Zang Tumb Tuuum: Adrianopoli ottobre 1912: Parole in libertà. Sections of the poem were omitted into silence, leaving the onomatopoeic staccato of Marinetti’s vocalisations in place. Two speakers were placed at each end of a long subterranean brick tunnel, with a chalk line marking the exact centre of the tunnel—a division between sides.
Marinetti’s original 1912 poem is an account of the Battle of Adrianople, which he witnessed as a reporter for L'Intransigeant. In his futurist manifestos, he celebrated the beauty of war and the aesthetics of battles and bombardments. The 2016 redacted version directs the poem against itself in the tunnel and becomes a neutralising uncelebration of war critique, of the original.
---- - ------- ------- -- -------- ---------- -------------- -- ---- ---------- tam-tuuumb ---------- ------------ -------------- ---------------- ------ -- --------- ---- ----------
Redaction of El bombardeo de Adrianópolis.

Modality: sound installation
Location: Fort Process Festival, Newhaven
Collaborators: Grant Cieciura, Caleb Madden, Tiago De Sousa