Xenofuturism: Welcome to the Antivoid

Coastal Currents commission


Xenofuturism: Welcome To The Antivoid was presented as a major moving image commission for Coastal Currents Festival, featuring Japanese Butoh dancer Yumino Seki (performer at Venice Biennale 2019) and directed by Antivoid Alliance. Xenofuturism, fugitive rationality, and the notion of the inhuman are presented as escape vectors within the speculative narrative of the film. The use of the prefix xeno- denoting subjectivities and future scenarios that exist as alien to the capitalist realist field of possibility as it is currently understood. The protagonist of the video work is a carrier of multiple subjectivities—an expansion of the human, toward an imaginary capable of encompassing a reality beyond capitalism.
The film was selected for the Cinecity Experimenta category in the Brighton film festival and screened at Fabrica art gallery.

Modality: film, dance, installation
Location: St Leonards-on-Sea
Collaborators: Grant Cieciura, Caleb Madden, Tiago De Sousa
Credit: photography and video by James Coussens