Pink Street

Public intervention

The project started as a 297.4-mile round trip from Brighton to Hoxne, Suffolk, to retrieve flint from the site of John Frere’s momentous find: the first technological object—the flint hand axe. On return to Brighton Pink Street was conceived as the conclusion to the R&D road trip. 
The noisy urbanised environment provided the backdrop for a discussion about the Capitalocene, technology, and the origins of consumptive desire. Passers-by were invited to take a seat and discuss the project with the artists.
The double death. Synthetic perfume. Chanel N°5. Shampoo. Cherry Bakewell. What do you think about the pink? Umm. I think we should leave the chairs here. Sirens. I l that pink. The pink kind of glooooop. It’s much better than paint. That smell opens up a deep primitive part of the brain. We think because we can smell, I think. Seagulls squawking. Beep, beep, beep, bbbbeep. It’s actually really beautiful.
Pink Street, transcription.

Modality: public intervention/dialogue
Location: St George’s Place, Brighton
Collaborators: Antivoid Alliance Collective