Spoken word, audio, and movement broadcast from the Resonance Extra studios.

Performing Noise

Live From 82
Antivoid Alliance* were invited to take part in a 7-hour radio event broadcast live from the Resonance Extra studios on the 29th January 2023. The event Live From 82 featured performances and new exclusive audio works. 
Performing Noise was conceived as a multi-layered and multi-media channel performance (radio, live Instagram stream); weaving spoken word, audio, and movement.

VocalsTwo members of the Antivoid Alliance collective took to the mic in an exchange of words—Grant Cieciura read out fragments from a chapter in AMASS, and Luke Pendrell responded with lines from a cut-and-paste text piece.
This is a proposal for an emergent emergent broadcast.
The opening line calls to a place of possibility; a manifesto for “new thought, new feels, and new horizons” to emerge from the landscape of inertia that has become our socio-political reality. The AMASS book was created as a response to this prevailing constriction of thought and possibility, and encourages a move towards collective actualisation.

Butoh live stream
During the radio broadcast, Butoh practitioner Yumino Seki performed an imporvised movement piece in response to the audio. Her starting position was contracted on the floor, encapsulated within a full-body expanding suit resembling an amorphous black form. Yumino reached out her appendages into the space incrementally, writhing against herself. This antagonistic expression was ultimately resolved after several minutes, as Yumino's movements transitioned into a more joyous and fluid state.
The choreography responded to the text Performing Noise and the call for collective actualisation, with Yumino’s movements exaggerating the interplay between constriction and possibility. Conversations surrounding this work refer to the emergence from lockdown, a time when physical restrictions were gradually being eased.

*Grant Cieciura, Caleb Madden, Tiago de Sousa, Luke Pendrell, Yumino Seki, Stephen Mallinder, Patch Futures, Chris Sav.  Yumino seki is a Japanese dance artist, Butoh practitioner, qualified somatic movement educator, performer, maker and teacher.