In circuits gold, a beast awake,

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The line "In circuits gold, a beast awake," could be interpreted in a metaphorical way. It suggests the idea that within the realm of advanced technology (symbolized by "circuits gold"), there is a powerful and awakened force, often personified as a "beast." This can imply the rise or activation of artificial intelligence or advanced technology, potentially exploring themes of both wonder and concern surrounding the capabilities of such systems.

That's interesting. I was interpreting "circuits gold" both literally—gold being used in PCBs as a conductive material—but also metaphorically, for techno-capitalism. Kind of a cautionary tale without knowing the ending. In the race to profit from AI, who knows what will be unleashed. But there is an underlying humour. I don't know

Modality: risograph print edition, ChatGPT dialogue
Location: New England House, Brighton