Fractal Egg Karaoke Klub

Fractal Egg Karaoke Klub is a karaoke club, inside a VR headset, inside a Karaoke club, inside Crapitalist Surrealism.We no longer find ourselves suspended in the sociopolitical purgatory described by the late cultural theorist Mark Fisher as “Capitalist Realism”. The situation has undergone a dark mutation. Now enmeshed within the hellscape of Trumpisms and Brexshits, this contemporary malaise is perhaps better understood as a kind of Crapitalist Surrealism. Lost between nested layers of abstraction, nothing makes sense in this delirious scene. Not resisting, but tuning in, channelling, and resonating these weird flows, FEKK invokes a rupture between worlds.
Look around you. This abstract structure has no centre. It’s just a fucking hollow shell. Hallucination. A bad trip. Mad mad mad mad fucking world. Hakuna Matata. Stroke the fabric. Stoke the fabric. Destroy the fabric. Tiger skin. Masks. Dissolve. Fluid. Dance.
Invocation, Antivoid Alliance.

Modality: 360 film installation and live Karaoke
Location: Project78 Gallery, St Leonards on Sea
Collaborators: Antivoid Alliance Collective