Do Androids rAVe²?

AV transmission


The word Techno was taken from Alvin Toffler’s Future Shock—a term Toffler uses to describe “too much change in too short a period of time”. Detroit experienced this through automation in the 20th century and we are experiencing it now with AI and technocapitalism.
Techno music (hi-tech soul) fused technology and sound to create a new form of futuristic music in 1980s Detroit. Early techno artists grew up in a city where robotics and automation replaced the human workforce; once the auto industry declined, the open spaces of American industrialisation become chambers in which this new sound could flourish.
Do Androids rAVe²? imagines AI replacing knowledge workers in a Detroit 2.0 scenario, leaving offices as empty chambers where an accelerated form of techno can emerge. An audio visual transmission was sent out from an empty office on level 8 of New England House, to passers by on the streets of Brighton below.

Modality: A distributed, real-time transmission to mobile devices
Location: New England House, Brighton
Collaborators: Grant Cieciura, Andy Cummins