Chasin’ The Hypebeast

Product drop

Chasin’ The Hypebeast blurs the boundaries between art and real-life consumer culture. Operating under the persona GLyFFMaN, Cieciura launched the streetwear clothing brand Janky Drops. The project unfolded as a live performance and public intervention, taking place outside Urban Outfitters in Brighton’s Churchill Square Shopping Centre.
GLyFFMaN used a powerful PA system to rouse a crowd into a frenzy, emulating the atmosphere of a typical product drop. Standing in front of a clothing rail, he used a wireless mic to deliver a spoken word piece backed by a distorted audio loop. Despite the relative obscurity of the brand, the crowd was consumed by the hype, snatching up all 25 limited edition T-shirts within seconds.
The performance was presented as an speculative future collaboration between Janky Drops and Urban Outfitters. Read more about the project here.
Chaos magic reigns supreme in these channels.
Broken screen dreams.
Doom scrolls and screams beneath the sheen fiend.
Focus on,
as I doom scroll on.
Chasin’ The Hypebeast, Grant Cieciura.

Modality: public intervention 
Location: Churchill Square Shopping Centre, Brighton