Live performance


Sound artists Madden and The Cheesemaster were interrupted mid-performance with Cieciura and De Sousa storming the floor and positioning themselves amongst the audience. The pair held up two large tubes and began shouting “CALL OUT MONSTER” at each other, before directing their attention to the audience. 
The performative act was a confrontation on multiple levels. Firstly with the capitalist system. Then with the audience, calling out our passive spectatorship and the in-efficacy of this position to propagate change. To discover alternatives to fixed systems, we must confront the inertia that holds us back from imagining new patterns of thought and collective action.
CALL OUT MONSTER was recorded and used as the soundtrack for the installation and Cinecity Experimenta film, Xenofuturism: Welcome to the Antivoid.
Modality: live music/intervention
Location: Spirit of Gravity, Green Door Store, Brighton
Collaborators: Antivoid Alliance Collective, The Cheesemaster