Radio broadcast live from The Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow.

Borne out of noise

BroadcastOn 22 August 2023 at 11 pm, the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow broadcast S.P.A.M JAM for RADIOPHRENIA 2023. This collaborative audio work by Grant Cieciura and members* of the arts collective Antivoid Alliance, was selected as part of an international open call for sound art and radio works.
If parrhesia once described the bravery of a solo voice against a single force. Then a multitudinous oppression should be met with a chorus of dissent. A collective jamming of the signal; a co-produced glitch, a dissonant polyrhythm set against a discordant song. In defiance of the individualisation of our call the response to repression should be played amongst allies.
A rehearsal of a people yet to come in a place still being built, an unspokenword night of joyous resistance, of reverberation and resonance, of Social Parrhesia As Musical JAM.
Caleb Madden

S.P.A.M JAM was originally recorded in the iconic Brighton Electric studio rooms in one take. It is a multilayered composition featuring spoken word and experimental music, underscored by a drifiting audio mix by the legendary Stephen Mallinder.

Audio content suitable for 18+ audiences

*Grant Cieciura, Caleb Madden, Tiago de Sousa, Luke Pendrell, Yumino Seki, Stephen Mallinder, Patch Futures, Chris Sav.  Stephen Mallinder is an artist and musician who was a founding member of Cabaret Voltaire.