You Radiant Heretics

17-hour live stream

A 17-hour live stream on Winter Solstice via Twitch. Described by guest15735479 as “The art school promise that actually materialised”, the event was a joyous escape vector during the darkest night of lockdown 2020.
AMASS You Radiant Heretics imagined the shitbin as a symbolic container for our locked-down physical bodies and trapped desires (locked in consumption). The shitbin was rendered in 3d and used as a trailer punctuating the live stream at various intervals throughout the night—a life-size sculptural effigy of the bin was burned at dawn to conclude the stream, destroying the symbol and releasing our trapped desires.
The live stream was packed with video, music, live performance, and a special guest intervention by Atropos the Unturnable in the live chat.

Modality: live stream, live performance, chat
Location: via Twitch
Collaborators: Antivoid Alliance Collective, Atropos the Unturnable